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the better solution

Who we are

Your specialist for industrial parts cleaning

HAROSOL is your reliable partner for high-quality, environmentally oriented chemical products and processes in the field of surface technology. Our specialty is the cleaning, degreasing, refining and hygienic preparation of industrial parts to increase their value and maintain them for a long time. The basis of our work is of course always your wishes, needs and requirements!
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What we do

Our services

As a specialist in surface technology, we develop, produce and sell chemical products for cleaning, degreasing, pickling, decoating, coloring and preserving a wide variety of steel, iron and non-ferrous and light metals. In doing so, we rely on sustainable raw materials and an environmentally friendly composition.
Product portfolio

Core products

Our product portfolio includes various standard products for the pre- and post-treatment of ferrous materials and stainless steel as well as non-ferrous and light metals. The following application processes are covered.


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specific products

In many cases we can help our customers with our core products. However, new materials and alloys are regularly developed that have modified properties. Since these parts also have to undergo intermediate and final cleaning, we have specialized in the development of process-specific products and solutions. Sustainability is of utmost importance in this development work.

Even if your components or assemblies are contaminated in an undefinable way, we look for customized solutions that allow your components to be perfectly cleaned, stripped, protected or maintained.

We approach new challenges with dedication and creativity. No matter what type of surface problem you are looking to solve, we will find a specific, customized solution for you. Get in touch with us!


Quality Management

Professional quality management is very important to us, because it forms the basis for all our activities. Only if we can consistently guarantee the quality of our services and products, we can also guarantee the satisfaction of our customers.

We have therefore clearly defined our requirements and standards: Through consistent monitoring, extensive testing and defined procedures, we succeed in meeting our demands and standards and delivering quality to you.

Nevertheless, we continuously and self-critically review our performance in order to continuously improve our products and service. In this way, we remain flexible and dynamic and are not tempted to rest on our laurels.

ISO certificate

ISO 9001 zertifiziert

We comply to the EN ISO 9001 Standard.
Harosol ISO Zertifikat
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Our principles

Unsere Kunden

Die Kunden stehen im Mittelpunkt unserer Aufmerksamkeit. Ihre Anforderungen sind der Maßstab, an dem wir uns messen lassen wollen.

Unsere Partner

Wir arbeiten vertrauensvoll mit langjährigen Lieferanten und Partnern. So vermeiden wir Unsicherheiten und erhöhen die Qualität der Produkte und Leistungen.

Unsere Prozesse & Standards

Unsere Prozesse sind klar definiert und werden stetig verbessert. Auf diese Weise können wir unseren Kunden immer professionelle und flexible Lösungen bieten.

Unser Vier-Augen-Prinzip

Wir vermeiden Fehler durch das Vier-Augen-Prinzip, indem wir unsere Arbeitsergebnisse gegenseitig kontrollieren.

Unser Qualitätsanspruch

Für unseren Erfolg lernen und verbessern wir uns kontinuierlich. Wir fördern kreative Denkansätze und bauen unsere Stärken somit immer weiter aus.

Unsere Verantwortung

Wir übernehmen soziale und ökologische Verantwortung, indem wir umweltfreundliche Produkte anbieten und schädliche Auswirkungen auf ein Minimum reduzieren.

Unsere Ergebnisse

Wir reagieren schnell und flexibel und verbessern die Qualität und den Erfolg unseres Unternehmens kontinuierlich.

Code of Conduct

Download our CODE OF CONDUCT in compliance with LKSG.

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About us

Regional supplier of internationally sought-after products

HAROSOL GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 2010 in Hanau by Manfred Pilz and Ayhan Ünlükaya. Two years later, the growing company moved to the nearby town of Rodgau where it has continued to grow successfully. In short times, HAROSOL has gained an international reputation as a specialist in surface technology. The company's high-quality and, to a certain extent, individually developed cleaning, finishing and hygiene products are now delivered around the world.