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Who we are

The Specialist in Industrial Parts Cleaning

HAROSOL is your reliable partner in the field of surface technology, specialising in high-quality chemical products and procedures that are geared towards protecting the environment. Our areas of expertise are the cleaning, degreasing, finishing and hygienic treatment of industrial parts. These processes aim to sustainably increase the value of the parts. It goes without saying that your wishes, needs and requirements form the basis of our work!
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What we do

Our Services

As a specialist in surface technology, we develop, produce and distribute chemical products that clean, degrease, acid clean, decoat, dye and conserve a wide range of steel and iron materials and non-ferrous and light metals. To do so, we make use of sustainable raw materials and an environmentally friendly composition.

Our portfolio

Core products

Our product portfolio includes various standard products for the pre- and post-treatment of ferrous materials and stainless steel not to mention non-ferrous and light metals. These cover the following application procedures.

Immersion cleaning

Beizen mit Harosol

acid cleaning

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Elektrolyt Entfettung von Harosol

electrolyte degreasing

ultrasonic cleaning

Spray cleaning

Entlackung mit Harosol

paint stripping

corrosion protection


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Process-specific products

We are often able to assist our customers using our core products, however, new materials and alloys, which have modified characteristics, are developed on a regular basis. Due to the fact that these parts also need to undergo intermediate and final cleaning, we have come to specialise in the development of process-specific products and solutions. Sustainability is of paramount importance during this development work.

Even if your components or assemblies are contaminated in an undefinable manner, we look for customised solutions that will enable us to clean, decoat, protect or maintain your components in a flawless manner.

We take a committed and creative approach to new challenges. No matter what kind of surface issue you are looking to resolve, we will come up with a specific, customised solution for you. Get in touch with us!


Quality management

Having a professional quality management system is very important to us as it underpins all of our activities. We can only ensure that our customers are 100% satisfied if we can guarantee that the quality of our products and services remains consistent.

With this in mind, we have clearly defined our standards and expectations: Consistent monitoring, extensive testing and predefined procedures enable us to uphold our standards, meet our expectations and provide you with the quality you require.

That being said, we are forever analysing our performances in a self-critical manner to ensure that our products and services are constantly improving. This allows us to remain flexible and dynamic and prevents us from resting on our laurels.

ISO certificate

ISO 9001 certified

We comply to EN ISO 9001 standards. Click on the image to view certificate.
Harosol ISO Zertifikat
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Our principles

Our customers

The customers are the focus of our attention. Their requirements are the yardstick by which we wish ourselves to be measured.

Our partners

We work trustfully with long-term suppliers and partners. In this way, we avoid uncertainties and enhance the quality of the products and services.

Our processes and standards

Our processes are clearly defined and are subject to continuous improvement. In this way, we are always able to offer our customers professional and flexible solutions.

Our dual control principle

We avoid errors through the principle of dual control, by mutually checking the results of our work.

Our quality standard

We learn and improve on a continuous basis for our success. We promote creative approaches and further develop our strengths constantly in this way.

Our responsibility

We accept social and ecological responsibility by offering environmentally friendly products and keeping harmful impacts to a minimum.

Our results

We react quickly and flexibly, and we improve the quality and success of our company on a continuous basis.

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63110 Rodgau

Phone: +49 (0) 6106-70704-0

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About us

Regional supplier of internationally sought-after products

HAROSOL GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 2010 in Hanau by Manfred Pilz and Ayhan Ünlükaya. Two years later, the growing company moved to the nearby town of Rodgau where it has continued to grow successfully. In short times, HAROSOL has gained an international reputation as a specialist in surface technology. The company's high-quality and, to a certain extent, individually developed cleaning, finishing and hygiene products are now delivered around the world.